What will I spend on the trip?

The registration fee is € 575.00; what do we do for it?

  • We keep a website up and running
  • We provide information and team presentation days
  • The stickers on the cars
  • We take care of the road book/friend book
  • The costs for the boat crossing from Spain to Morocco
  • The car insurance for The Gambia and Senegal
  • The costs for the guide and ferry/bridge in Senegambia
  • Office costs, think of printing paper etc
  • PR material, such as banners, flyers, flags etc
  • Maintaining contacts in Africa
  • Presentation costs and travel expenses
  • Possible assistance in selling the cars in The Gambia (local support)
  • Sending banana boxes full of stuff to Gambia
  • If we have enough money left, sending a container of relief goods to The Gambia
  • Waka-Waka lamps for the students

What is not included in the registration fee?

  • The costs and a guide for our stay in Mauritania
  • (about €350,00 and this has to be paid before we enter Mauritania)
  • Car insurance in The Gambia and Senegal in case of insufficient participants
  • Visa for Mauritania, to be arranged at the border
  • Fuel and tolls
  • Food and drink
  • Overnight stays
  • Housing in The Gambia
  • Flight ticket back to the Netherlands

What will I spend on the trip in total? What you see is an estimate per person, the costs may just be different

  • € 575,00 registration fee
  • € 110,00 toll costs
  • € 400,00 petrol (depends on the car)
  • € 650,00 food and lodging
  • € 350,00 Mauritania
  • € 400,00 plane ticket back,
  • € 130,00 visa Mauritania and Senegal
  • € 75,00 expenses Senegal
  • € 2690,00 = the estimated total amount (excluding the car and stay in The Gambia)

What if you want to drive along and donate your car or the proceeds of the car to a different good cause?

  • This is only possible if it’s for a foundation registered in The Gambia
  • You then pay € 250,00 extra per person, since the proceeds of the car can’t be donated to Schoolplan Gambia
  • Giving away the car to individuals is not possible
  • Always discuss this option in advance with the organisation