Are my costs tax deductible?

If you participate in the Rotary Challenge you can make use of the possibility for tax deduction in 2 ways. This partly helps to finance the participation. Donation participation

The participation fee is € 575.00 per participant. Of this amount the first part, € 275.00 will be used to finance the preparation of the challenge, the sending of a container with relief goods for Gambia and the taking along of Waka-Waka lights. This amount is tax deductible over 2021 because the Eventt Foundation has the ANBI status. The bank transfer to the Eventt Foundation is sufficient as evidence.

Car auction proceeds

After arrival in The Gambia your car will be auctioned. The condition for participation is that you donate the proceeds of the sale to Stichting Eventt. Subsequently, Stichting Eventt will donate the proceeds of the auction to the foundations Scholenplan Gambia and a portion to Yep Africa. After returning to the Netherlands each team receives a written confirmation of the donation to the foundation Eventt. This document, stating the proceeds of the car in Dalashi and in Euros, can be used as proof of deduction as a gift.

What does this mean for you?

As a private person you may deduct donations to charities with an ANBI-status. The Eventt foundation also has the ANBI-status and you can find it on your tax return by filling in the RSIN-number 8564.92.656. The tax authorities use as a threshold for the deduction 1% of your (and your tax partner’s) total income. The maximum deduction allowed by the tax authorities is 10% of your aggregate income. The tax benefit depends on your income and varies from 19.95%, 37.1% or 49.5%. If you normally make donations above the 1% threshold, the % of the donation of the participation fee and the proceeds of the car will be your net benefit. If you do not have any donations now, only the proceeds of the car will be of benefit.

If you want to pass on the tax benefit to sponsors and/or distribute it among the team members you have to report this to the treasurer of Stichting Eventt. Several confirmations will then be issued in the name of the sponsor/team member with the share of the donation/profit from the car. For questions please contact the treasurer of Stichting Eventt, Harm Otter, mobile 06 19 37 04 04, email