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Adventurous tour through Europa, Marokko, Mauritanië and Senegal to Gambia

Friday, September 24, 2021 (depending on the corona situation) a caravan with good second hand cars will depart from Zwijndrecht to Gambia. This caravan, to be considered as a special aid convoy, is an initiative of Tineke Ruijter of Rotaryclub Zwijndrecht e/o. In Gambia the cars will be auctioned off for charity.
The cars will transport as many relief items as possible, such as clothing, school supplies and medical materials for projects in Gambia and also in Mauritania and Senegal. For the participants, drivers and passengers, it is a big practical contribution to the development of a country. The Rotary Challenge  is an excellent opportunity for Rotary Clubs to work together and to manifest themselves publicly.
Car trips to Banjul have been made for several years. These depart from Amsterdam and Antwerp. In these caravans all people go along for charity and adventure. Tineke Ruijter experienced the trip four times. Based on her experiences she decided to organize the Rotary Challenge as a Rotary activity.
It was decided to make the trip this time in autumn of 2021 (depending of the development of the current Corona crisis). Participation is open to all Rotary clubs and friends. Half of the proceeds will go to Stichting Scholenplan Gambia. This foundation builds and maintains schools and supports students and schoolboards in Gambia. Nowadays the emphasis is on the 'Excellent Student Program': girls who can study well but cannot afford to pay are supported by the foundation. In this way good students are enabled to continue learning, even up to and including university.

The other half will be spent on young people who have not learned but are practical and can provide for themselves by starting their own business. They will be supported in starting their own business, both with materials and training.

Marloes, who has been living in Gambia for a long time, is the contact and confidant of the foundation and arranges all matters related to the studies of the girls.
Participation goes as follows. A Rotary Club or a Rotarian purchases one or more cars. Most likely the car will be sponsored. These cars are always brands that are common in The Gambia such as Toyota and Renault and then the older models. The cars will be driven to Banjul by at least two people. If, for example, a van is driven, more people can come along. As stated above, the cars will also carry as many relief items as possible, such as clothing, school supplies and medical equipment.

The trip takes 24 days. The participants pay all costs themselves, for example gasoline, food, hotels, visa and the return flight. In addition, an amount must be paid for the organizational costs, for example for the crossing to Morocco, the stickers on the cars, the flyers and the banners for the auction etc. 
The costs are around  € 500 per person.

The preparations for the Rotary Challenge Netherlands - Gambia have already started. These include communicate the message broadly so that as many Dutch Rotary Clubs as possible can participate.
Are you interested or do you want more details about the trip?

You can call or email Tineke Ruijter     06 294 556 56 info@rotarychallenge.nl
You can call or email Wim-Arie Hamer 06 204 498 69 info@rotarychallenge.nl